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Washington Township


           Washington Township is governed by four elected officials, three trustees and one fiscal officer.  The trustees are governed by the Ohio Revised Code and therefore have limited authority.  The trustees are  responsible for the township roads and right-of-ways, for operating and maintaining the local Volunteer Fire Department and Beechwood Park and Zoning. 


           Washington township's population continues to remain just under 5,000 people.  The residents of Washington Township have generously supported three levies in the last few years, one for the fire department, one for the road department and a general levy. 


            The Trustees also have a a contract with J & C Ambulance service (DBA: Lifecare) .  Under the terms of the contract residents of Washington Township will not be charged for emergency service not covered by their individual insurance provider.   


            The Township also provides a 40 yard dumpster for residents once a month at the township garage.  Residents can purchase an annual permit for $40 dollars at the beginning of the year.  The dumpster is here the last Friday of the month from 12:00pm-5:00pm and the following Saturday from 8:00am - 12:00pm.


             The administration office is located at 5789 Beechwood Ave. Alliance, OH 44601 and is open Monday through Thursday 8:30am to 1:30 pm.  The phone number for the Office is 330-821-9834.


              The Washington Township Historical Society meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Township Administration building, at 7:00pm.  More information on the Historical Society can be found at



(All meetings convene at 6:30 pm unless otherwise noted)

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For Immediate Release:





Washington Township, Ohio (July 12, 2022) – Washington Township officials are pleased to announce that they have selected Energy Harbor for the next term of the Township’s electric aggregation program. Energy Harbor recently won a competitive proposal process and was chosen by the Township because the company provided the best overall value for the program. The Township has set fixed rates of 10.99 cents/kWh for Ohio Power customers and 10.23 cents/kWh for Ohio Edison customer for a 1-year term starting with September 2022 meter reads. Residents and small businesses should look for a mailer to arrive on or about July 18th, concerning the new electric aggregation program offer from Energy Harbor.


The mailer will explain the offer the Township negotiated and the means to opt-out should a customer not want to participate in the program. Residents will have 21 days to return an opt-out card to Energy Harbor if they decide not to participate.


“The new rate will allow residents to predict their costs and will protect them from rising rates for over the next year. As always, our program will have no early termination fee,” said Washington Township Trustees.


Eric Burns, Director of Aggregation for Independent Energy Consultants, added that residents who have already chosen a supplier on their own can still join the program and get the same rate, terms, and conditions as their neighbors if they wish. These residents will have to contact Energy Harbor to join the program, and they should review their current supply contracts to make sure there are no early termination fees.


The Township is pleased to have made this program possible but asks that you do not call the Township offices. They are not equipped to handle a large volume of calls. If residents have any questions, they should contact Energy Harbor at (866) 636-3749 after they receive their letter.

Washington Township Electric Aggregation Program Participants

Letters detailing the offer for the next term of our electric aggregation program are scheduled to mail the week of July 18th.  Our program will see a significant increase from the historic low rates of 4.62 cents/kWh for AEP customers and 4.73 cents/kWh for Ohio Edison customers that we have enjoyed for the past several years.  We wanted to use this opportunity to provide additional context for the new offering, and to remind you of the alternatives available to you. 

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has shopped for groceries, gasoline, clothing, a car, a home, etc., that inflation has taken its toll on our pocketbooks.  In the past year it has also contributed to higher electric prices which we must now deal with.  Also, energy prices have been adversely impacted by a number of other factors, such as, government policies, exports of our fuel resources to markets overseas, above normal temperatures this summer, and conflict in eastern Europe to name a few.  The new electric program rates are a reflection of those factors.  While no one is happy with paying higher rates, it is the current reality for energy prices.  We tested the market, invited all eligible suppliers to bid on our program, and we have selected the option that we believe is best under the current circumstances.

The aggregation program has proven to be an excellent option over the years.  When energy prices were low, we have acted in a prudent manner and locked-in longer-term rates.  Now with prices being high, and expected to decline in the coming year, the decision was made to select the shortest-term option allowable for aggregation programs, that being a 1-year term.

Given these market conditions, serious consideration was given to placing our program on hold until prices retreated.  That option, however, was rejected because participation in our program is voluntary and voters requested this program be made available as another option to consider - in good times and in bad.  We remind you that the aggregation program is simply another option for you to consider, and it is important that you make yourself aware of the other options available to you, specifically:

  • The Public Utility Commission of Ohio provides a list of other publicly available offers on their website,  Our program rates, while higher than anyone wishes, do fair well against those comparable alternatives.  Anyone considering these supply offers should be aware of any early termination penalties, fixed monthly charges, or automatic renewal provisions that can quickly offset any perceived savings.  Our program includes none of the above.

  • The utility’s default supply rates are a variable rate option worth considering at this time.  They have trended upward recently, lagging current market conditions, and are expected to take a significant jump during the term of our 1-year offer.  Those rates, also known as your Price to Compare, are currently below the new program offer, but there are no guarantees that they will remain lower until September 2023.

Again, we would like to remind people that the program is simply another option for our residents and small businesses to consider in their efforts to manage their energy costs in these trying times.  

Current participants in our program, and those eligible accounts with the local utility that have not chosen an electric supplier on their own, can expect an opt-out letter from the program supplier, Energy Harbor.  Please read that letter carefully, among other things, it will explain the 3-means of opting out over a 3-week period.  For those not opting out, a second letter will come from your utility, AEP Ohio or Ohio Edison, giving you another 7-days to rescind your enrollment.  Our voluntary program also allows residents to leave free-of-charge at any time for any reason without penalty.

If you have any questions regarding your letter or your participation in the electric aggregation program please contact the program supplier, Energy Harbor, at 866-636-3749.