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The Washington Township Fire Department was founded in 1950 and currently has 33 volunteer firemen.  The fire department typically has 300 plus runs on a yearly basis.  The department operates 6 vehicles, one rescue truck, two pumper trucks, two tankers and a four-wheel drive pickup that tows a Polaris four wheeler to use for grass fires and field rescues.  

The last several years the fire department has been able to obtain FEMA grants to purchase new turnout gear, air packs and a fill station for the air packs.


The volunteers of the Washington Township Fire Department also complete 18 hours of training yearly to keep current with the best methods of keeping our residents safe.


The following are the current Volunteer Fire Fighters;  Nathan Aeling, Kelly Albert, Kyle Albert, Jason Armstrong, Jenny Armstrong, Sierra Baum, Eli Bosler, Craig Cobb, Hunter Cobb, Myron Corso, Aaron Dickerhoof, Charles Egli, Nathan Fetters, Dane Johnson, Don Jordan, Bobby Kinser, Will Kinser, Scott Koehn, Joe Legros, Wade Main, Earl McDaniel, Darick Miller, John Miller, Don Morrow, Matt Robinson, Brandon Robson, Randy Rodgers, Todd Rodgers, Dan Russo,  Ryan Scott, Nathan Weisel, Kenny Williamson, Jacqualyne Wilson, Josh Wilson, and Kalob Wilson. 

Fire Department

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