Zoning Department

The Zoning Department was established in Washington Township in 1956 with the residents of the township approving the passage of zoning regulations.  The Zoning Resolution was revised in 1987 and has been periodically updated since then.  There is  a Zoning Commission that meets monthly at 7:15pm on the first Monday of the month.  The Zoning Commission consists of Mike Rinaldi - Ch., Bruce Bowman, Chuck Kesterke , Ray Poynter Paul Wallace and alternate Elmer Weber.


Also appointed by the Trustees is the Board of Zoning Appeals, they handle any appeals to the Zoning resolution. They meet as needed.  The member of the BZA are; Jim Hatherill- Ch., Phil Francis, Mike Miller, David Socotch, Steve Yarian and Steve Lacher, alternate.


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Zoning Map